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Of a healthy addiction

The Oodie's, the makers of this fun and colourful jewellery, are so addicted.  Addicted to glass, addicted to colour, addicted to spheres, addicted to creating tiny little spheres of colourful glass.

These little baubles of fun are each handcrafted before being compiled into stunning, original, pieces of jewellery.  No two glass beads are ever the same so every piece is unique.

This mother and daughter duo (Yes, I got Mum involved and she is now the primary Oodie) became addicted to this form of expression back in 2006 and have not been able to stop transforming glass rods into beads since.

"Don't you hate it when you show someone how to do something and they quickly surpass you and then start showing YOU new techniques!"  Yeah, well, that's what happened with Mum and why she is head Oodie, or Mama Oodie, if you like.

We hope you love our creations as much as we love creating them.



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